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happy animals wardrobe 135 1.jpg_product_product_product_product_productHappy Animals Wardrobe 90
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Happy Animals Wardrobe 90

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Happy Animals Wardrobe 90


  • Painted matt MDF fronts; all paints used in the production are water based, low odour environmentally friendly paints
  • All furniture is TUV certified (Assurance of product safety and quality)
  • Unique 3D engraving & prints
  • Laminated board resistant to wearing off, surface chips and scratching
  • No sharp edges - all edges are rounded
  • BLUM® furniture hardware; soft-closing
  • All wardrobes and shelving are fitted with safety strapping and are wall mounted to avoid any movement of the unit
  • Functional cabinet's interior: 2 hanging rails and 6 shelves

MDF board 16mm (fronts), laminated board 18mm, HDF board 3,5mm (back wall)
Dimensions: Width: 895mm; Depth: 566mm; Height: 1800mm

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